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RecFest 2015 was a huge success, thanks to the support of the whole community. Thank you so much!


Although this was a free event and not designed to be a fundraiser, through the generous donations of those that came, we have begun the task of raising funds for the renovation of the skate ramps (see below).


Anyone with a 3- to 16-year-old in the family knows how popular the skate ramps are. But they have become dated and unsuitable - slippery when wet and with uneven surfaces that could be dangerous. Therefore our next effort to improve the Rec is to turn our attention to sorting the ramps out.


We need to know what the users of the ramps want, so we're asking everyone to either come to a consultation at the Rec on Monday 14th September at 6pm, or respond to our online survey. Tell us what you want and if you can help... The survey is here.

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