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Matthews Hall hire: 01392 876865

Caretaker: 07736 735181

Saturday market: 07854 301869

Admin: 07940 960560

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Join us and get involved...


Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Topsham needs a Town Crier! Could this be you? Topsham Community Association is looking for a new crier since the wonderful Louis Ravensfield bowed out. You need to be sociable, enthusiastic, good with words and in good voice. The role requires you to ‘cry’ the news about once a month in Topsham, and crucially to be the host of the Town Criers’ competition on Charter Day on 25th August. Male and female applicants equally welcome. This is a voluntary role, but expenses are met by Topsham Community Association. Uniform and bell provided. For more information email Closing date for applications is 13th July. June 2018


The Matthews Hall calendar is now available on-line, see:, but still check with Veronica 876865 for bookings. June 2018


Chairs will be available for hire for £1 each from Matthews Hall for the Long Table on 1st July.


TCA has a vacancy for a treasurer. This is a voluntary position. If you'd like to help our community in this way, please get in touch.  June 2018


We welcome Mary Knight as the new market manager. Contact Mary on 07854 301869  June 2018


TCA has appointed a new market manager to replace Rita, after her 24 years of sterling service. May 2018


TCA has appointed a part-time administrator, based at Matthews hall four mornings a week. Contact May 2018

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