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Goat Walk Land Trust History

The purchase of the Goat Walk Land, made possible by donations from the people of Topsham, was completed on 15 May 2015, with ownership of the land transferring to the Topsham Community Association. The price paid was £305,005.00. The working group which managed the appeal and purchase then set up the Goat Walk Land Trust, a charitable incorporated organisation with the legal status to own land.


The object of the Trust is the maintenance of the rural environment and heritage of the historic town of Topsham through the preservation and enhancement, without any permanent buildings, of the Goat Walk Land for the quiet enjoyment and pleasure of the residents of Topsham and visiting members of the general public. There is a board of 7 trustees, made up of members of the TCA and Topsham Society boards, plus members eleceted from the community who have chosen to become members of the Trust. The trustees have appointed a management committee, comprising individuals with relevant land management experience, to manage the land on a day to day basis.


The Goat Walk Land Trust held a public exhibition and consultation on 16 April 2016, to gather opinion on future plans for managing and developing the land, in keeping with the Trust objective. This exhibition was attended by over 400 people during the day.


For more information and to contact the Goat Walk Land Trust, please visit  or email [email protected]






The Goat Walk Land Trust

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